Selecting Some, But Not All, Text.

Selecting all text in a Frame is easy. With your I-bar cursor active in your text, press Command + A (Control + A on PC). To select a single word, double-click the word with your Type tool. Triple click to select a whole line. Clicking four times anywhere in a paragraph will select the whole paragraph. But what if you want to select several consecutive paragraphs? You could click and drag from the beginning of the first paragraph that you’d like to select down the text to the end of the last paragraph of your selection. But you have to be careful to place your cursor at the very beginning of the first paragraph. Is there a faster way?

Yes! What takes time in this manual selection process is taking care that you start your selection before the first character in the first paragraph. We’re talking fractions of a second, but if you need to repeat this process over and over again in a long document, those fractions can add up to a whole lot of time. To make your copy selection without a care in the world, click four times to select the whole first paragraph, but don’t release your mouse, button after the fourth click. Just drag down the text to select addition copy to the end of your selection before releasing the mouse.Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.