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Secret to Combining InDesign Documents

Combine multiple documents into one editable InDesign document.


  • Eugene says:

    A lot of people are unaware that your text may change properties and they don’t know why.

    This happens because:

    If you’ve used the Basic Paragraph Style for the text then when you copy from one document to another the text uses the new documents Basic Paragraph Style.

    So if your document “A” has basic paragraph style with a text size of “11pt”

    And document “B” has a basic paragraph style with a text size of “16pt”

    Then document “B”‘s paragraph style is used and you get 16 pt text.

    Create Paragraph Style for your text

    (pretty unorthodox – you should create your own paragraph style as above – but you can do the below):
    Change the Basic Paragraph Style to match the first document.

  • Eugene says:

    It might also be an idea to put the paragraph styles in the document into a Paragraph Style Group, so you know where each style came from.

    When you move the pages, or copy text across, the paragraph style will move and the group is also replicated in the moved or copied pages.

    This will ensure that you mix up or inadvertently change formatting, as it isolates the paragraph styles (and character styles if you want to make a group for them too) from the other styles in the other documents.

  • thanks jeff.. this is good information to know, indeed

  • Bea says:

    How do you combine a document with the art so it imports into multiple documents with text (all foreign languages for the typesetter).

    There must be a script or a way to move the art in so it will ALWAYS fall into the exact same place under the text files. The art is all PDFs for a 90 page magazine and needs to be combined with 18 different language files.

    This way, when it goes to perss, there is a common base (the art) and only the black plate will need to change for the text. there must be a simple way to do this.

  • Thanks very much for your tutorial on combining InDesign files – in my version of CS5 this technique crashed all the time without giving me the desired result – however I was able to export to CS4 and the technique worked fine for me in that version

  • You’re awesome. Now I don’t have to look silly when I go into work. I can confidently act like I know what I’m doing. Thanks.

  • Hitsuzen says:

    Thanks very much for yours tutorial. IT helps me time saving so much for work. Thanks thanks thanks

  • Pablo says:

    Thank you!

    My problem it’s solved =)

  • Tony Toni Tone says:


    Almost didn’t think it was possible.

    Thanks so much!!

  • Jayson says:

    Thanks Jeff for that extremely useful yet simple tip. I have a question. What, if anything, happens to the paragraph styles to the transferred pages?