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Saving Files Between Lightroom and Photoshop

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Matt Kloskowksi travels the world teaching people how to integrate their photography and Lightroom. He writes a blog at which features tips, tutorials, and weekly content about how to improve your Lightroom workflow.

Earlier in the week, Scott Kelby called and said he saw a weird glitch when saving a photo in Photoshop that came from Lightroom. He asked if it happened to me when I tried, and sure enough it did. I tried to write it out, but I realized it was just taking too long and a video is much easier to show. Now, before you watch it you should realize its not the end of the world. Lightroom’s Photoshop integration still works just fine. Its just something to be aware of (if you happen to be doing something similar to what we were doing) in case it happens to you.



  • What is Adobe says:

    Nice portfolio Mr. Kloskowski ! I need to go back to college! What is Adobe? have a good day!!

  • Vanessa says:

    So… I have sort of a related question. . I have a similar issue, – but almost the opposite! What I want is when I open a file in Photoshop (I have LR5 and Photoshop CS5) and make more than one edit, each additional edit shows up in LR without having to close and reopen to edit. I had it set up that way on my old computer and laptop, so that whenever I would “save as” it would add the new edit to my LR catalog. But I am just setting up a new computer I got and it will save the first edit for me in LR but any additional edits don’t show up. Do you have any idea how I can make this happen on my new system? I’ve been scouring the internet for hours!