RogueSheep releases Style Flocker for Adobe InDesign

SEATTLE, WA – May 11, 2006 – Today RogueSheep Incorporated announced the release of Style Flocker, a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Style Flocker allows users to group and manage all of their character, paragraph and object styles.
Features Style Flocker helps users organize their styles in one easily managed place, resulting in a personalized workflow. The user can create hierarchical groups of styles, even mixing different style types in one group if desired. The styles can then be effortlessly applied in the document just like using the InDesign style palettes.
Character, paragraph and object styles which have been applied are prominently displayed at the top of the palette. Style Flocker removes the need of InDesign users to visit three different palettes to apply and view their styles, and gives them control like they’ve never had before.
Availability Style Flocker 1.0 is available for immediate download at Style Flocker is available for Adobe InDesign CS2 and CS, for both MacOS X and Windows. And best of all, Style Flocker is free for everybody.
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