Rocket Travel Slider Lightweight Gear for Filmmakers on the Go

Are you lusting after super smooth dolly shots for your DLSR filmmaking, without the traditional bulk and expense typically associated with this kind of high-production gear? The Rocket Travel Slider from Aviator Camera Gear gives filmmakers an affordable and extremely compact dolly solution. This cleverly designed slider is built to travel and makes professional, smooth-as-silk dolly shots possible up to 10′ long anywhere in the world. Setup takes just minutes, and the length is up to you: 2′, 4′, 6′, or all the way up to 10′.

Yes, this is possible in a compact slider. The secret lies in the Rocket's compatibility with standard, inexpensive conduit pipe, available in most hardware stores. This means you travel only with the Base Kit and pick up conduit in the lengths you need, when and where you need it. The Rocket Travel Slider is compatible with most metal conduit pipe with an outside diameter of 28¬¬-32mm (in the U.S., it's known as 1″ EMT pipe).

For more local applications, Aviator Camera Gear offers an optional carbon fiber Travel Tracks kit for $497, which provides the ultimate in lightweight and compact portability. In addition, the optional Aviator Micro Hi-Hat at $125 permits leveling of any 75mm bowl (a.k.a. half-ball) mount fluid head on your Rocket Travel Slider.

The Rocket Base Kit weighs just 3.5 lbs, supports an impressive maximum load of up to 45 lbs, and packs down into a compact 2.5×9.5×16″ padded case. Easily supporting high-end pro cameras (such as the Epic, Sony F55, HDSLRs, or Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and many more), the Rocket Travel Slider brings professional dolly shots to the masses.

Company: Aviator Camera Gear
Price: Base Kit: $497; Travel Tracks: $497; Hi-Hat: $125
Rating: 5
Hot: Lightweight; compact; flexible; heavy-duty design