Plug-in for resizing images in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro

Digital Anarchy is a company with a history of making high-quality production tools for professionals, so I was excited to have the opportunity to test their new plug-in, ReSizer 2. ReSizer 2 is designed for scaling standard definition source material to high definition, and for high-percentage zooming up to 800% while retaining overall image quality.

There are two ways to scale footage using ReSizer 2. You can use the sliders to adjust width and height values or use one of the built-in presets. ReSizer 2 provides several options for scaling your footage: The No Filtering and Fast options are quicker methods used for preview purposes; Best (Smooth) and Best (Sharp) are options for final rendering. Best (Smooth) is recommended for footage that includes people and Best (Sharp) is recommended for footage that includes distinct edges, such as architectural content. The Best (Sharp) method also provides additional controls via sliders for Smoothness, Sharpness, and Fine Tuning, allowing the user to further tweak settings. This ability to tweak settings as needed gives you more control over the final output. The built-in deinterlacer is a welcome addition to the latest version.

Using ReSizer 2 is very straightforward. You access the plug-in through the Effects menu, apply it to a solid layer with the source identified as the material to resize, and set your scaling options or choose a preset. It’s stable and does what it’s supposed to do very well. Be prepared for the process to take some time, especially if deinterlacing. The results from ReSizer 2 are worth the wait. It’s another good tool to have in your production toolbox that will have a dramatic effect on your HD production.—David Singer

PRICE $149
FROM Digital Anarchy
PHONE 415-462-5872
FOR Mac and Windows

HOT High-quality output and built-in deinterlacing
NOT Deinterlacing takes longer than using the host app