One of my clients runs ads in a particular magazine on a regular basis. Each time I design a new ad, I use a Page Setup Preset that I created, which saves all the time it would take to enter the magazine’s specifications. After a year of using this Preset, the magazine changed some of their specifications. Can I change the specs and replace the old Preset with a revised one?

Sure! Go to File > Presets and choose your old Preset. Make the changes to the publication’s specs and press the Save Preset button. In the dialog window that opens, press the Preset button to reveal a popup menu of all existing Presets. Choose the old Preset name from the menu and press Save. When the warning pops up asking if you want to replace the existing Preset, press “Yes” and you’ll be all set with a freshly updated Preset.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.