Rampant Designs Tools

Stock Elements for Designers and Editors

Most of us know that the world we work in is changing. If you're a photographer, you're probably learning about how to shoot and edit video with your DSLR. Just like in the photography world, the video world has a TON of plugins and stock special effects that you can purchase and use with your non-linear editing program. However, not all of the plugins and elements live up to their hype. In fact most don't even come close.

A company that is working to change that is Rampant Designs Tools. Rampant has created over 40 different stock element packs and special effects that don't require any special software to export them out and work with them. My favorite in their lineup is "Film FX". Film FX allows you to give the illusion that light has leaked onto your film. It causes rays of light to appear for a moment and then vanish. The leaks can appear anywhere, from the top to the bottom or the sides. It comes with 50 different leaks you can use so the sky is the limit. They are simple to operate too. The leaks are movie files, so all you do is drop them on top of your clip and voila!

Rampant has also included 30 clips of digital film grain, dirt, and vignettes with their Light Leaks DVD. These additional effects will help you add that old feel of actual film stock. The lines of stock elements are vast, including "Film Dirt and Scratches" for that old film feel and "Glitch FX", which gives your footage the feel of distorted digital noise and static used in many popular TV shows and Hollywood films. These are just a few of the over 40 different products they create.

Rampant not only creates video elements, but also elements for graphic artists, colorists, and sound designers. Imagine being able to not only film and edit your video, but also be able to score the video's music, give it a stylized color feel, add explosions, gun fire, smoke, etc. You could literally explode a city inside of your editing program without ever setting off a real explosion. Technology has certainly come a long way and Rampant Designs Tools have definitely raised the bar in video stock elements.

If you're a photographer who is expanding their craft into the video editing world, check these guys out. They can make most of your editing effects dreams come true and take your project to a whole new level!

Company: Rampant Designs Tools
Price: $79.99 and up
Rating: 5
Hot: Reasonably priced and do not require special software to export files out.