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Quickly Unlocking Options in InDesign

Using a combination of keyboard shortcuts, Jeff Witchel shows how to quickly access options for some of InDesign’s more popular tools.


  • Kisan Bhat says:

    Thanks Jeff.

    Very handy tip, especially with the bullets.

  • Great information! Can’t believe I’ve been working with InDesign for many years, and never took the time to explore these shortcuts.

    Thank you, Jeff, for suddenly making my life easier!

  • Thanks Kisan. Glad you liked it.

  • Cyma says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I ‘m a starter. Need help to begin with designing!


  • Alan J Tagg says:

    Some of these tips are superb! Now here’s a question. I discovered a great tip whereby if I drag a graphic frame and press the up arrow it divides the frame into columns and the left arrow will divide into rows. Problem = If I have created a 2 page spread and set a page gutter value of for example of 20mm and I use this method InDesign assumes that I want the same gutter value between the rows and columns. How can I adjust this so that I can have a set gutter value dividing the page and a different gutter value dividing rows and columns?