ProScale ID 7 For InDesign CS 2 Now Available

Software developer GLUON is delighted to announce the long-anticipated release of ProScale ID 7, its powerful scaling Plug-in which for years has led the pack among scalers (resizing tools) for QuarkXPress. ProScale ID provides the same unmatched power and flexibility for InDesign professionals. ProScale ID features the unique IntelliScale™ technology, allowing the user to scale to constrained or non-constrained proportions without distorting text and graphics. Users can even resize an entire multi-page document with one click. ProScale ID provides control over all facets of resizing, making it the must-have plug-in for any serious InDesign user.

  • Easy-to-use interface allows users to go through a simple series of steps to get the results that only ProScale can provide.
  • Unique Fit-to pop-up menu allows scaling documents to sizes such as A4, A5, tabloid or letter, or scales selections to 1 column, 2 columns, business card size, 1/3 page, 1/2 page, letter size, tabloid size, etc., all in one step. Advertising agencies that need to send ads to different size publications can do so quickly. Companies that prepare materials for US and European publications can easily resize from US letter size to A4 or A5 sizes. Also includes fit to bleed and fit to page.
  • New preset management allows convenient recall of settings as well as additions to Fit-to menu.
  • Supports InDesign’s powerful Undo and Redo engine, even for document scaling.
  • Unique ability to scale on any level: entire multi-page documents, groups or selections. Can scale an unlimited number of items, grouped or ungrouped. Tremendous time savings through automation.
  • Unique page range scaling on selected attributes such as text, leading, tabs, text wrap, lines, line weights, graphics, style sheets, etc. This provides many benefits (e.g. on a multi-page brochure, reducing all rules by 50% requires only a single click).
  • Unique step-and-repeat scaling of items on a page. The step-and-repeat feature is great for logo sheets and the like.
  • Click-and-drag scaling tool using IntelliScale allows visual scaling.
  • Choose which elements to scale proportionally or non-proportionally.

Versions are available for InDesign 2 through CS 2. "Nothing compares to GLUON ProScale," says writer David Blatner. Ben House, studio director of Deutsch Advertising states, "I’ve been completely spoiled by ProScale." "The new interface is so easy to use. The time people will save with ProScale ID is hard to imagine," observes Dave Taub, VP, Director of Sales and Marketing. "If you only buy one plug-in for InDesign, ProScale is your best bet," says GLUON CEO, Peter McClard. ProScale ID is $139 Contact Dave Taub at 973-763-9494 or 1-888-458-6698.