Profoto Umbrella Deep and Shallow

Better Grab an Umbrella

World-renowned lighting manufacturer Profoto has introduced 12 new high-quality umbrellas in four sizes, two different shapes, and with three different fabrics. The 12 umbrella models are divided into two types: Deep and Shallow.

Umbrella Deep is available in two sizes (L 51″ and XL 65″) and with white, silver, and translucent interior fabric options. Umbrella Deep differs from typical umbrella designs in that it's deeper and more parabolic. This provides increased control over the spread of light created, making it perfect for dramatic portraits and fashion.

Umbrella Shallow is smaller and less parabolic than its big brother, just right when lightweight portability is needed. Umbrella Shallow is also available in two sizes (S 33″ and M 41″) and has the same three interior fabric options as Umbrella Deep.

Profoto has always been known for going for the extra mile when it comes to reliability and build quality, and this new line of umbrellas is no exception. Both models are sturdy, well made, and up to the rigors of professional use. Each model has been constructed using fabrics designed to provide a superior quality of light and years of heavy-duty use. Metallic components have been surface treated to prevent rust and discoloration.

Optional front diffusor panels are also available for the white or silver interior umbrellas. I love using this option: it's a great way to quickly and easily turn any of these models into a large softbox with a beautiful, soft quality of light.

Each umbrella comes with its own high-quality carry bag to protect it during storage and travel. The business card slot on the side of each carry bag is a nice touch.

Company: Profoto
Price: $59-349 (B&H pricing)
Rating: 4.5
Hot: Amazing quality of light; tons of options; great build quality
Not: Quality ain't cheap