Portraiture 2There are quite a few plug-ins, tricks, and techniques for creating smoother skin in portrait images, but finding that “just-right” method for your most-frequent corrections can become a time-consuming and costly endeavor if it’s all trial and error. With Imagenomic Portraiture 2, there’s a balance of smoothness and color to the output. While it can do more than just correct images, it can be overkill if not used judiciously.

There’s a lot of improvement in the new version that jumps right out at you, starting with a vastly improved user interface. The performance was also appreciably improved over version 1, and the addition of unlimited user presets saves a lot of time in the fine-tuning. The factory presets, however, should really be a jumping off point—particularly when used with smaller and lower-resolution images—and seem to have a cooler colorcast. Another wonderful, yet simple improvement is that Portraiture 2 now generates a new layer in Photoshop, saving steps.

Clearly, Imagenomic has taken note of what their end users are asking for and made some major enhancements to an already fine product. As always, the results tell the story, but Portraiture 2 is now more intuitive, easier to navigate, and better performing than ever.—Daniel M. East

Company: Imagenomic, LLC
Price: $199.95
Rating: 4

Hot: Great results; big improvements; performance
Not: Presets can be harsh for certain image sizes