Deluxe Camera Divider Case with CART

With airline travel getting harder and harder these days, I needed an alternative for my camera gear in the event I was forced to gate check it—something I don’t like doing unless absolutely necessary. I decided that a case that would still fit in the overhead of the larger planes was important, so I only had to gate check on the smaller commuter planes.

Enter Porter Case with their line of hard-sided, injection-molded polypropylene, wheeled cases. I chose the PCi Deluxe Camera Divider Case with CART, as it looked like it would carry everything I needed, while providing protection when the bag was taken out of my control, and the wheels would take the stress off my back. Plus, the case configures to work as a dolly allowing me to stack other cases on top of it while wheeling my luggage to and from the car—a very cool feature for us overburdened travelers.

I have to admit to some trepidation on giving up my equipment for the first time, but the Porter Case came through with flying colors! The hard-sided case protected my gear from the impact of loading and unloading it from the cargo hold. The divider system allows me to adjust the slots to accommodate my equipment, with padded dividers between each item further protecting my precious equipment. The oversized wheels work smoothly on smooth, flat surfaces, as well as over rougher terrain making it a good location case, as well. The case has three latches with one built-in TSA lock giving me added insurance that my gear will not be tampered with while out of my control, and it has a gasket to seal against dust and moisture.

With the TSA lock, divider system, and an expandable accordion portfolio in the lid for miscellaneous items, the Porter Case is my case of choice when traveling these days.

Company: Porter Case
Price: $347
Rating: 5
Hot: Great alternative for gate checking precious equipment