Recover images from digital camera memory cards

photorecoveryPHOTORECOVERY for Digital Media is an easy-to-use application to recover images from digital camera memory cards. While we didn’t have any damaged cards, we tested several formatted CF cards that the camera and computer indicated were empty. The software (we tested the Mac OS X version) installs easily—you don’t need an instruction manual. Then just mount your memory card (CF, SD, etc.), select the type of card, and click Scan. That’s all. The software reads every sector of your media’s memory and rebuilds your image files—even if the directory is damaged or deleted. All of the recovered images are then placed in a Recovered folder.

This application can do its magic because when memory cards are formatted, they erase only the directory—not all of the images. Taking more pictures (which are written over the old data) or intentionally writing blank data over old images, will erase memory cards.

PHOTORECOVERY also has a Wipe function that writes blank data onto your card. Your card is then empty so images cannot be recovered. If you use a wiped card, you’ll need to format your card in-camera before you can use it.

This software is more powerful than you might think because every card is different and every camera brand records images in a proprietary manner. So, if you own a newer model camera or have a newer type of card, ensure that you download the absolute latest version of PHOTORECOVERY from the Web.

Even if you never have a corrupt card or damaged files, you may accidentally erase a card; then PHOTORECOVERY for Digital Media is a safety net to bring those images back.—Larry Becker

PRICE: $39.95
FROM: LC Technology, Inc.
PHONE: 866-603-2195
FOR: Mac and Windows

HOT Easy to install and use
NOT Interface could be more intuitive