Photographer’s Surreal Underwater Images Aim to Show That Shark and Man Can Co-Exist

For a photographer, shooting photos under water can be quite challenging. Breathing apparatuses are cumbersome, your scene is constantly in motion, light can be elusive, your gear needs to be enclosed and waterproofed, and your talent needs to breathe as well. While these are just a few of the challenges that face anyone who wants to shoot professional quality under water images, it’s not an impossible task. Photographer Ben Von Wong has shown that with good planning and a great team, you can create beautiful editorial-style photos completely under water.

Recently, Von Wong traveled to Fiji, known for its “world-class shark dives,” to shoot imagery advocating the protection of one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures, the shark. While terrifying to many, the shark is an important part of our ocean’s ecosystem, and for this series, Von Wong wanted to show how shark and man can co-exist together in “perfect harmony.”

In the behind the scenes video above, you can see how Von Wong and his team were able to accomplish such a feat, producing a series of beautiful images depicting real sharks swimming near and interacting with their model, champion freediver, Amber Bourke. To lean more about this project, see Von Won’s blog post.

Von Wong's Shark Shepherd
Von Wong's Shark Shepherd
Von Wong's Shark Shepherd
Shark Shepherd

Source: Ben Von Wong. Images used with permission.