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Perfectly Cropped Mailer in InDesign

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Jeff Witchel uses InDesign to lay out a direct mailer with custom crops and folds for a coupon.


  • Tom says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for showing the usage of the reference point! My flip horizontals/verticals were ending up all over the page and could never figure out why. Now I know! Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi Tom,

    Years ago when I first switched to InDesign from Quark, the Reference Point was the first feature I uncovered that I was really excited about.


    I could makes Transformation from any of an object’s bounding box points. Before this everything was done ONLY from the upper-left corner. (Not very efficient.)



  • says:

    quite patronising how slow you talk… nevertheless, useful thank you

  • JIMMY says:

    I was completely lost 2;00 minutes into tutorial.