Pantone Introduces Cotton Passport For Color Selection On-the-Go

Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced the PANTONE® cotton passport, the newest publication in the PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System line of products. SMART is indicative of the company’s commitment to deliver innovation that is Sensible, Manageable, Accessible, Relevant and Tough, reducing costs and shortening the color development cycle.

Ideal for making quick color choices in the office or while traveling, the PANTONE cotton passport provides designers, retailers and manufacturers with a portable display of all 1,925 cotton color chips in the PANTONE FASHION + HOME palette in one compact book. Arranged by color family and presented in a user-friendly accordion format, the cotton passport unfolds for easy viewing of the entire spectrum of colors in the system at one time.

"Inspiration can strike at any time of day, whether I’m in New York, Paris or Milan," said Lance Le Pere, executive vice president and creative director for Michael Kors Women’s Design. "Having the PANTONE cotton passport makes it quick and easy to have instant visual results."

The cotton passport measures 8" high, 5 1/2 " wide and 1" deep, and is housed in a chocolate, sport-nylon binder with a complementary orange and rust belly-band closure, created especially for Pantone by Filofax. Each cotton color chip in the passport is 3/8" high by 5/8" wide.

"In today’s global economy, people travel more extensively to produce their products," said Tod Schulman, vice president of fashion and home for Pantone. "The cotton passport is compact and lightweight – a great tool for customers to take anywhere and anytime they need to specify color. Offering our design tools in multiple formats provides greater flexibility and utility of our FASHION + HOME System, making it more adaptable to the demanding needs of our customers in their creative design and color management processes."

Family of SMART Color Tools
The PANTONE FASHION + HOME cotton passport is a companion to the PANTONE SMART Color Swatch Card, announced earlier this year.

PANTONE SMART Color Swatch Cards are available in all 1,925 colors and play a crucial role in matching color from design table to manufacturing plant. PANTONE SMART Color Swatch Cards come with double-folded fabric measuring 4" by 4". Unfolded, the fabric swatch measures 4" by 8", giving users twice the amount of fabric for optimum color visualization and instrumental evaluation. The swatches are individually packaged and are free of any backing paper or adhesives that affect the color appearance of spectral readings.

Pantone is the only globally available, off-the-shelf color system that designers and their vendors can trust for unsurpassed color accuracy. Technical advancements in today’s marketplace inspired Pantone to redesign the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System, making the System SMART to meet speed-to-market needs, lower color management costs and provide higher color quality at point-of-sale, requirements necessary in today’s global market. Using the new PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System, designers can reduce color development cycles by 50 percent or more.

The PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System provides:

  • Consistent, reproducible color to make the System sensible for top name brands and retailers.
  • Optimized color constancy that makes the System easily manageable.
  • New products that use globally available dyes on all swatches to ensure accessibility for customers worldwide.
  • Colors in the System that are relevant to today’s fashion and home marketplace and match the industry demands for tough, durable colors that are formulated for maximized colorfastness.

Pricing and Availability
The PANTONE FASHION + HOME cotton passport is available immediately for U.S. $595.00. PANTONE SMART Color Swatch Cards are sold individually for U.S. $8.50 per 4" x 4" double-folded fabric card (4" x 8"unfolded). The PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System products are available online at and from PANTONE Distributors worldwide.

About Pantone, Inc.
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