Palm Paints/Jungle/Grains & Grasses

Photoshop landscape images and brush libraries

palmpaintsOccasionally, I find a product that has a lot to offer the creative professional—in spite of some hurdles. In this case, it’s three products for Adobe Photoshop from DigArts Software.

Palm Paints: This collection presents stunningly realistic images and textures that might allow you to place a royal palm tree in Alaska or a date palm in Nova Scotia. The detail and realism can be stunning when applying slightly offset layers and alpha channel images for shadows/light source effects.

Jungle DVD: For heavier forests to incredible single trees, this two-disk set provides the ability to envision a rainforest or lay out a landscape, from the ground up. With a bit of practice, you can create vivid, realistic results, making use of PSD file types and brush selections to bring elements to your creation that can improve an otherwise lackluster photo or backdrop.

Grains & Grasses: Your dreams come true with enough wild grains to fool the guy on the oatmeal box and with so much realism, you can taste it. Place or replace a grassy knoll or even fields of gold. Combine this with the two previously named titles and you have the ability to bring nearly anything to life.

I found it more useful to store the DigArts products on an external drive and load the brushes, textures, and effects as needed (instead of taking up 6 GB on my internal hard drive). In just a few minutes, I created a reasonable test image from a blank canvas; however, it would be nice if the interface provided easier previews. With a bit of creative vision, you can create natural-looking landscapes and flowing forestry.— Daniel M. East

PRICE: Palm Paints $69.95; Jungle DVD $149.95; Grains & Grasses $69.95
FROM: DigArts Software
PHONE: 866-291-4412
FOR: Mac and Windows

HOT Good results; lots of options
NOT No installer; time consuming