Flash Decompiler Trillix

Convert or extract SWF files

trillixExperienced Flash designers and beginners alike will want to consider adding Eltima’s Flash Decompiler Trillix to their collection of Mac OS X utilities. This easy-to-use tool decompiles SWF files and converts them to either Flash documents or extracts the contents and organizes it into a collection of Flash objects.

The program contains two control screens: one for converting a SWF file to an FLA document and the other for extracting its contents to objects. The Window menu allows you to select the simple or advanced mode for both screens. The simple modes for both screens contain fields to enter the SWF filename and the destination filename. It also has a button that allows you to navigate to the file’s location on your computer where you want the destination file saved. The advanced screens contain lists of settings allowing you to control how the movie’s content will be converted or extracted. The conversion screen’s built-in setting description field provides helpful explanations for each setting. In contrast, the extract screen’s settings require a visit to the Help files to determine the best settings.

How accurately the program converts or extracts the contents depends on the complexity of a file’s contents. Currently, the program supports ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 and SWF files created with Flash up to version 8. While none of the files I converted functioned flawlessly, I was able to edit the resulting files and restore functionality. If you’ve ever deleted a Flash document you thought you wouldn’t need again only to have a client come back and ask you to update a movie, Flash Decompiler Trillix is a must-have tool.— Cyndy Cashman

PRICE: $79.95
FROM: Eltima Software
FOR: Mac

HOT Easy to use and affordable
NOT Converted files may not work same as source file