On Location Photography: Alley Shoot

Step Six

On Location Photography Tom Bols, Fort Collins, CO.  woman in alley.

Tom Bols

The images from Victoria’s suggestion to sit on the ground looked really good but I still wasn’t sure if I liked the obvious strobe in the background. I decided to reposition the accent light on a smaller stand, and had Victoria move toward the middle of the alley to block the light, but still sitting on the ground.

This worked perfectly. Now all the lights were looking good, she was rolling through different expressions, and we were both working at ground level. (Note: We had thoroughly swept the alley before the shoot. The last thing you need is for you or your model to sit on some sharp glass!) I experimented with different camera angles close to the ground and wall to draw out more texture in the shot. The bricks really stood out from this low horizontal angle.

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