On Location Photography: Alley Shoot

Step Five

Fort Collins, CO.  woman in alley. On Location Photography

Tom Bols

Victoria and I were now “in the zone” and getting some great shots. She worked through a variety of standing poses and then she wanted to take it a step further by sitting on the ground for different poses. At first I thought this wouldn’t work because the accent light would now be visible, but being flexible and open to evolving ideas on a photo shoot is very important. Victoria was on a roll, and it’s important not to break the momentum of a portrait session. Let’s see where this will go. 

Tip: You often get your best shots when everything is flowing just right. Don’t stop and squint at your LCD after each shot!

Something I noticed right off: Her stiletto shoes cast a great shadow, and being on the ground added another gritty surface to the shot; however, I was getting a little flare from the accent light and the Ranger pack was visible in the background. Both of these items would have to be retouched if  I went with this shot. 

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