Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015

Portable, Collapsible Light Modifier

If you like working with beauty dishes as much as I do, then you've probably wished they were easier to travel with—a lot easier! These modifiers, considered essential by many, are typically large, metal bowls that produce natural-looking, round catch lights and a unique, snappy quality of light that users love.

What we don't love, and what has arguably kept many photographers from investing in a beauty dish, is their lack of portability and the challenge and expense they present when traveling. (They're not exactly overhead compartment friendly; don't even try it!)

Well, beauty dish lovers, there's good news: Chimera, manufacturer of high-quality, durable, made-in-the-U.S.A. softboxes since 1980, has introduced the Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015, an innovative, first-of-its-kind, 30″ beauty dish that collapses like a traditional softbox. Support poles slide into pockets on the outside of the modifier's fabric, providing a completely smooth, uniform, white interior. Remove the fabric Bounce-Back Disc suspended inside its center, snap the included diffusion panel to the front, and this beauty dish becomes a 30″ OctaPlus Lightbank, giving you twice as many options with just one piece of equipment.

The Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015 can be used with a standard OctaPlus Speed Ring for your brand of studio strobe, as well as single- or double-shoe-mount flash configurations, using the optional Versi Octa Speed Ring 2800OP and Dual Versi Octa Speed Ring 2820.

Now, whether you're shooting with strobes or external flashes, you have the truly portable beauty dish you've always wanted, so pack your bags.

Company: Chimera
Price: $321.20
Rating: 5
Hot: Unique light quality; round catch lights; lightweight; portable
Not: Price may be a barrier for some