No Matter How You Slice the Pie

You’ve created a pie chart using the Pie Graph tool in Illustrator. With lots of beautiful alterations, your chart looks nothing like the standard Illustrator gray graph. You even pulled one of the slices out of the pie and put a drop shadow effect under it under it for added emphasis. As soon as you save the artwork, the client calls to tell you that the data has changed slightly. Is there a way to alter the graph that you just finished or do you need to start from scratch?

As long as you didn’t ungroup the graph, you can easily alter the current art. Select your pie chart with the Selection tool and go to Object > Graph > Data to change your data at anytime. Your pie chart will update beautifully. You may have to reposition the slice you pulled out of the pie and reapply a drop shadow – a piece of cake!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.