AVI and QuickTime digital animation clips

MLcompleteFor presenters, designers, videographers, directors, educators, and performers, creating standout video segments, rejoins, Keynote, or PowerPoint presentations that keep your audience focused can be quite a challenge. Several companies currently offer digital animations; however, that challenge goes farther in terms of how to come up with something that’s both different and appropriate to the contents of the final presentation. When it comes to meeting that challenge, MotionLoops hits it on the mark with a collection of very targeted, usable, and fun animations that are stunningly vivid and dynamic.

Although the ML Complete collection may seem a bit pricey for some folks, it does live up to its name. The roughly $700 price tag is on par with others in the pro-video realm, and you do get what you pay for. The huge set of DVDs includes 1080p, NTSC, PAL, and VJ formats of its animation, and the most time spent will be scanning through them to discover what will work for your project. Unlike some other brands of animations I’ve seen, the filenames actually do a decent job of representing what the content really is and finding what you’ll want and need is fairly simple.

The quality of the renderings and designs is excellent with work from designers Brian Keith, Dan Talson, and Scott Pagano. Details are clean and sharp where they should be and perceptual motion is fluid. From sports to earth models and tech to trek, the sense of the environments created will dazzle your audience. —DANIEL M. EAST

PRICE: $699.95
FROM: MotionLoops
PHONE: 512-220-9339
WEB: www.motionloops.com

HOT Outstanding animation quality