MIF Filter 1.0 Plug-in for InDesign CS2-CS3 Now Available

DTP Tools today announced the release of its new MIF Filter plug-in for InDesign CS2-CS3. MIF Filter plug-in is an import filter enabling users to convert FrameMaker documents into InDesign. MIF Filter was available as a beta for more than a year and converted over 500.000 unique pages of documents over this period. The feedback from this extensive testing enabled us to achieve a unique fidelity of the converted documents, most of which do not require any adjustments after conversion. MIF Filter opens new possibilities for an easy migration for companies with legacy documents in FrameMaker format. This tool was already adopted into many workflows migrating to InDesign. It is also extensively used for non-European localizations of technical documentation created in FrameMaker.

Key Features

  • Open FrameMaker’s maker interchange format documents in InDesign while preserving layout, contents and settings.
  • Colors – Both spot colors and process colors are supported.
  • Paragraph styles and character styles – All paragraph and character attributes are supported.
  • Anchored frames – All types of anchoring positions are supported.
  • Tables – All table attributes are supported. Table title, missing in InDesign, is interpreted as additional table header/footer row.
  • Graphics and Layout – All graphic objects are supported. Graphic frames are interpreted as grouped objects.
  • Sideheads – Sideheads are interpreted using margin in text frames and new anchored text frames.
  • Auto numbering (in CS3) – FrameMaker’s auto numbering feature is transformed into Lists in CS3. Named lists are supported.
  • Variables (in CS3) – All system and custom variables are interpreted into CS3’s variables or custom variables.
  • Cross-References – The entire cross-references functionality can be preserved using DTP Tools Cross-References Plug-In for InDesign
  • Extensive font substitution options – It’s possible to substitute font families and font faces during the conversion, especially when converting documents from Mac OS 9.
  • Extensive character encoding support – Supported character encodings: Western, East Europe, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Baltic

Pricing and Availability
MIF Filter 1.0, for InDesign CS2 – CS3 on both Windows and Macintosh OS X is available for immediate download at:

Direct download links:
MAC: 3.2 MB
WIN: 2.3 MB

The free version enables to open and review FrameMaker documents in InDesign. Only saving converted document is charged for – fee is based on the number of pages saved. MIF Filter plug-in is charged with pre-paid credit similar to a pre-paid phone system. Time plans for volume customers are available.

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