HVC Color Composer Plug-in Version 1.3.3 for Photoshop Mac Is Now CS3 compatible for Mac INTEL

Master Colors, LLC the developer of the award winning line of plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop and InDesign™ has just announced the release of the HVC Color Composer Professional and Standard for Photoshop CS3 . This new version now includes a universal binary format making it compatible with Intel Mac’s as well as PPC machines.

“The HVC Color Composer is the first software that provides a truly rational systematic and repeatable approach to color composition that can be used by anyone.” said Neil Murphy VP of sales and marketing for Master Colors. “HVC is the natural way of thinking about color, and those three variables (Hue, Value and Chroma) must be accounted for to come up with an accurate numerical contrast between colors. Once numerical contrast values between colors are established , any designer photographer or digital artist can rapidly and repeatedly execute high quality color harmonies with the click of the mouse.”

Master Colors LLC also a regular schedule of free Webinars for professional and amateur Adobe Photoshop and InDesign users. This 45-minute presentation, titled “Using the HVC Color Composition System”, will provide greater clarity and insight into the control and proper organization of color during the design process. This advanced knowledge of color composition technique immediately translates into higher quality work with greater efficiency and speed, saving designers time and money.

About Master Colors
Founded in 2000, Master Colors is the leader in color quantification technology. Our patented technology produces true harmonic color palettes organized at the fundamental level of combined HVC contrast. Master Colors’ products have revolutionized the field of color composition for designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and pre-press operators as well as producing more accurate color for final output on press and the web.

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