Loads of Custom Stroke Styles

In a tip a while back, I discussed creating Custom Strokes by selecting “Stroke Styles” under the Options menu of the Stroke palette and then pressing the New button. What I didn’t mention is that Custom Stroke Styles created in one layout can be saved for use in other layouts. After designing your Stroke, click OK, and from the list of Strokes in Stroke Styles window, select your new design from the list and click the Save button. Name the file, locate a folder to which you’d like to save it, and click Save again. (You can save multiple Styles to the same file by Command-clicking [Control on PC] to select more than one Stroke name.) This saves your Stroke(s) to an “.Inst” file, which can be brought into any other layout by selecting “Stroke Styles” under the Stroke palette’s Option menu, clicking the Load button, locating the saved Stroke(s), pressing Open and then OK.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.