Limelite Mosaic LED Panels

Stay Cool with Cool Lights

Professional lighting-equipment manufacturer Bowens International has recently introduced the Limelite Mosaic line of high-quality LED panels. Available in three models: Daylight, calibrated to 5600 K; Tungsten, with a color temperature of 3000 K; and my favorite, the Bi-Color, which allows users to choose a color temperature from 2800-5600 K (±200 K). Developed with DSLR shooters and broadcast applications in mind, each panel, comprised of 576 ultrabright LEDs, dimmable from 100-0%, provides output approximately three times as bright as similar lights in this class.

The digital readout on the back of the Mosaic can be configured to display light-output values in two ways, either using a 0-255 numerical range or f-stop numbers. Photographers will appreciate being able to use values they're familiar with as well as the push-button, 1/10 f-stop increment power control, permitting easy reductions or increases in output. With full DMX in-and-out control, Mosaic panels can easily be operated remotely. Panels can also be linked into larger 2-4 unit sources, daisy-chained together with standard RJ45 Ethernet cables and optional accessory brackets.

Weighing just 3 lbs, these 13.8×14.8″, 3.3″-thick panels pack a lot of power for their weight and size. Robust metal construction helps distinguish the Mosaic from the plastic housings used by many of its competitors. Add to that their ability to be operated using either AC or DC battery power via the rear V-Lock adapter, and you have a powerful, portable location- or studio-lighting solution. An optional Anton Bauer battery mount is also available.

Accessories include corrective and creative gel kits, barn doors, and brackets mentioned above.

Company: Bowens International Ltd.
Price: Starting at $959.95
Rating: 5
Hot: Multipurpose; lightweight; compact; battery-operated