K1 Challenge #3: The Dad Pic!

Excited to announce our 3rd KelbyOne Challenge! As mentioned before, all of our KelbyOne Challenges are pulled from the pages of Scott Kelby’s best-selling Digital Photography Book Series. See here.

With Father’s Day looming, our 3rd of 10 challenges is all about Dad! We are making this a themed challenge, so that you can really use any of our tips to make a great shot! This week’s tip will help those of us trying to capture that perfect group shot with Dad. Remember: This week, we are including a suggested tip since our challenge includes an overall theme.

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Challenge 3: The Dad Pic!
Dates: 6/15 – 6/21 at 11:59pm ET
Winner Announced: Wednesday, 6/24 on The Grid Live at 4pm ET

Tip for Posing Group Portraits
By Scott Kelby
Excerpts from The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2

The next time you’re shooting a group portrait, rather than lining everybody up in rows (which you should know doesn’t look good), instead try to get them to rally around something — some object — and they’ll arrange themselves naturally around it.

Fathers Day Group Shot

For example, try posing people in and around a couch, a column, a chair, a car, a desk, or any object that can pull them together into a group that isn’t just a bunch of people standing in straight lines.

Father's Day Group Shot by Pete Collins

Pete Collins and Family

So, are you up to the challenge? Any questions? Let us know! Otherwise, share this post and then go make an amazing Father’s Day shot! Remember to submit your images via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #KelbyOneChallenge with your posts. One submission per person please.