Is Instagram bringing back chronology?

This is big! The uproar across the internet when Instagram changed the Feed from chronological, all-in to what is now a series of algorithmic Feeds was insane. People were literally losing their minds, and in some cases, their reputations.

What’s happened since the change is, on the whole, accounts have seen a dramatic drop in engagement, yet Instagram has outright denied some of the causal factors which the big players and influencers have suggested are happening.

There have since been action groups focussed solely on bringing back the chronological feed. The big accounts, the likes of @ChrisBurkard and @Kpunkka grew during the time of the chronological Feed and have plateaued since. It has become a lot harder now, with algorithmic Feeds, to grow a following.

Things such as the notorious Shadowban are perhaps a factor, and a direct result of the algorithmic Feed, but, again, its existence has been denied.

So, imagine my surprise after Instagram revelled the success of their switch to the Algorithmic feed, when I received a survey straight from Instagram themselves which focussed heavily on a chronological Feed.

There’s clearly a plan afoot here, or at least some serious consideration, to bringing back a chronological Feed of sorts. Could it be ground-breaking? Will it even happen? Well, watch this space!