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Introduction to Using Bookmarks in Acrobat

In this tutorial, Geoff Blake gets started using bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat.


  • Sergio Zuleta says:

    Wow, that was what I was looking for, but I wonder, is it possible to make a Parent and Child Bookmark, because I have seen it on pdf tutorials from Adobe, and I have a project right now, of a book that I’m going to use the book marks, and I want to use parent bookmark and child, with the + sign beside of the bookmark, and when you click it, shows you the whole childs bookmarks, how can I do it?


    PD: Im Sorry for my English, but im from Guatemala in Central America, and I can Understand Perfectly the english but is not the same speak or write.

  • Neachan says:

    This was awesome! I have been doing bookmarks the hard way, typing them in by hand, and then scrolling through my document to set the destinations. The way shown in this video is WAY faster, thanks for the keyboard shortcut. 🙂

  • jeanne says:

    This tutorial doesn’t work with Acrobat X because there is no little blue icon.