INDURO Energized and Expanding with New Gear

On their one-year anniversary, Induro celebrates by introducing several new support gear products. Induro announced a new series of 3-Way Pan Heads, a Tilt Monopod Head and several different configurations of Quick Release Plates.

Induro has become a popular brand in the industry in a short period of time. The company attributes its success to quality products, great value and innovative designs according to Product Marketing Manager Lorenzo Gasperini of MAC Group.

Gasperini also stated that the Induro line is fast becoming a comprehensive, mature line of professional support solutions for today’s Pros. The new product launches are just the beginning of an expansive future.

3D-Series 3-Way Pan Heads
The Induro 3D-Series of Pan Heads offer smooth vertical tilt, horizontal tilt and panning movements, along with secure locking panhandles. Each 3D head incorporates a Dual Quick Release locking system to prevent accidental camera dismounting. Graduated scales in degrees provide a quick and easy way to reposition the camera. An easy-to-read bubble level mounted on the camera platform ensures fast camera alignment. In addition, 1/4-20 and 3/8” camera mounting screws are included and cleverly stored on the head itself. The die-cast aluminum alloy body and ergonomic rubber handles offer comfort and durability. Three models are available: the 3D-S (for series 0 & 1 tripods), 3D-M (for series 1 & 2), and 3D-L (for series 3 & 4).

TH-S Monopod Head
The Induro TH-S Monopod Head offers the added convenience of vertical camera movements and quick release mounting. The perfect match for any Induro monopod, the TH-S Monopod Head can be locked in several vertical camera positions while providing a secure mounting platform. A built-in bubble level and dual quick release system offer a quick and convenient method for leveling and mounting a camera.

Extra Long Quick Release Plates
Induro’s Extra Long Quick Release Plates (QRL-DM-Series) for the DM-Series Ballheads are a must for long-lens shooters, offering the added security and rigidity necessary for longer lenses. The Extra Long Quick Release Plates include two mounting screws (1/4-20 or 3/8”) for an anti-twist secure mount. In addition, the plates can be adjusted forward or backward for the proper center of gravity. The Extra Long Quick Release Plates are offered in either 1/4-20 or 3/8” configuration. In addition, standard 3/8” Quick Release Plates for the DM and SA series ball heads and the new 3D-series pan heads are available.

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