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InDesign Type Tips

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Here are some quick type tricks and keyboard shortcuts for working with type in InDesign.


  • DiGiTaL JeWeL says:

    thank you for the tips

  • Jonathan Hällmayer says:

    Finally, something different. Type tips are alway great. Keyboard Shortcuts are even better. I also liked the way you presented them and your “wrap up” at the end. Please, more!

  • marcusdave says:

    Is this for CS4? I’m using CS3, and the Cmd is only scaling the text frame, not the point size. Thanks for the tips!

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Marcusdave – This will work with CS3. If you press CMD only it scales the text frame, press CMD+SHIFT to scale the selected text.

    Jonathon & Digital – thank you, I’m glad you liked the tips.

  • reubengoh says:

    nice tips… i’ve always wanted to know the shortcuts through the type control panel. Thanks!

  • sarah wang says:

    good tutorial ! but I don’t know which button is in MAC?

  • sarah wang says:

    sorry ,I mean which button is ?
    thank you!

  • budiman says:

    where’s the video??

  • sonicpig says:

    Cmd 6 rules and Cmd Alt 7 Rule!
    I didnt know those 2

    got some more?

  • koey says:

    the good knowledges tips…!!

  • Geert says:

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t using an azerty-keyboard. So many shortcuts simply don’t work out of the box…