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InDesign CS5: Interactive

The new interactive panel in InDesign CS5 makes it easier and faster to create animation without having to write code.


  • Eugene says:

    That by far is the best thing introduced to InDesign – but I’m not 100% taken on it. I’m not sure how Flash developers and website gurus will handle this new fangled way of creating Flash content – or if indeed Flash content is even appropriate for websites with SEO and all that. But for stand alone presentations and the InDesign user to create things like this it has it’s merits. I’ll just have to wait and see if it is actually practical in a real world scenario to generate flash content this way.

  • Tom says:

    It looks great but … too bad Flash is “under fire” so to speak.
    A lot of folks don’t like Flash, and there is a lot to do about HTML5 and the ability to do all kinds of animations with it in combination of CSS3 and Javascript.

    I think I’ll skip this and look towards the future of a Flash-free world.