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InDesign CS5: Auto Fit

Save time with the new auto fit features in InDesign CS5, which will now adjust the frame and image size at the same time.

One Comment

  • Eugene says:

    Is it really faster? Seems to be just holding down the modifier keys and resizing works a treat. How much time does it take to get to the AutoFit and select it. Isn’t this just a button that constrains the keys while you scale the image.

    I could do this quite easily with the Scale Tool – it’s just pressing S, or going to the Tool Panel and select the Scale Tool. How is that different than pressing Auto Fit?

    It doesn’t seem to do a whole lot more than what you could already do. You could already scale a transparent image in InDesign keeping the transparency in tact… I’m not sure why that was brought up.

    I can see the added functionality – but I don’t see the purpose of giving yet another way to do something you could always do. Is it easier? Seems pretty much the same to me.

    The Content Grabber? What was so hard about double-clicking the image – that’s the way you select an image in CS3 and CS4 – double click it and it goes to the content, move the content, double click and you’re back out of that tool. I don’t really see any extra functionality with this other than a click or two less?

    What would have been nice though is if the dialog that comes up beside the image showing the size and x y co-ordinates also showed the Actual and Effective PPI of the image – but it doesn’t do that. That would have been some added extra functionality.