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Importing Raw + JPEGs into Lightroom

Matt Kloskowksi travels the world teaching people how to integrate their photography and Lightroom. He writes a blog at which features tips, tutorials, and weekly content about how to improve your Lightroom workflow.

From Matt’s blog: I figured I’d pick off another common question I get during this week’s video. It deals with what happens to your JPEGs when you shoot in the Raw+JPEG mode on your camera. I always get lots of questions from people that say they shoot Raw+JPEG but Lightroom is ignoring them. Actually, its supposed to. See, Lightroom has a preference setting that lets you tell it what to do with the JPEG files. We’ll take a look at it in this video.


  • Ed says:

    Matt Great to the point explanation.

    I Started w/ Aperture 2 first then went to LR 2 — I have LR3, Aperture 3, CS4 (32 bit) and cs5 Extended with onONe and Nik suites plugins. NOTE: Disappointed NIK changes Capture time randomly. Trying to learn what all tools & software I have to work with. Yesterday December 15
    , ’10, in Portland Oregon attended Kelby Training on CS5 — instructor Bert Monroy was
    more than FANTASTIC !!!

    I have 12 TB of pictures since 2006.***
    I am new to all Photoshop products as of about early 2010, so the learning curve is exponential ; = )) Went from PC to mac pro desk top in Nov 2008; and, I am trying to decide my work flow from camera to print or web, including color spaces etc. Just Started processing in ACR 6.3 in CS5 ext and using bridge —
    I Wish they had training course from shoot to finish on a simple portrait or/landscape picture, including color space and backups and archiving and copyrighting… Seems when I ask this of different photographers, no real set method, which I find interesting but confusing. I am looking for a good backup program ( so I can backup when I want ) and looking for ideas on some hot swap external disk system ideas. Thanks Ed

  • Jan Kabili says:

    Great tip Matt.

  • Don’t know what I would do without you Matt : )

    Jim Cim

  • Peter says:

    is this still the case for LR 3.3 I have noticed that when I do the same as above there is a display the says xxxxx.NEF+JPG

  • Kees-Jan van Overbeeke says:

    I don’t agree, if the preference is not set LR still imports both files, but shows them as a special kind of stack. Please look in your folder after import and you’ll see both file types. I’m interested in this function, but have trouble deleting the jpg’s after a while, when their not useful anymore.

    • Brian says:

      Exactly – I thought there was some kind of stacking of the RAW + JPG image when you import them both? I’ll have to try to verify this alter but would love to know.

  • Hmmmm. In the past LR seemed to treat them in a similar manner to a “siidecar” and in fact was “Following” the jpg file. If the jpg was deleted, LR would show the “?”. after this mess, I had to tell LR to “Forget” these jpgs I no longer shoot RAW+JPG. Maybe now I can try again and leave the option unchecked so that I don’t have this issue anymore.

  • Steve says:

    Ok, I tried this, only the RAW files are displayed in the Library view, and as per above comment there’s some text which indicates RAW + JPG above each thumbnail. The JPG files definitely reside in the folder along with the RAW files. My question is, how can I view, edit or manipulate these JPG files in LR?

    Another use for shooting RAW + JPG, learning purposes and eventual transition to RAW only.

  • @Ed
    Time Machine is easiest backup program to use. It is included with Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. Time Machine is reason enough to switch to Mac.