History: Undo Plug-in Now Available for InDesign and InCopy CS3

DTP Tools today announced the release of its History 2.2 plug-in for InDesign and InCopy CS-CS3. This plug-in brings the fundamental history panel to the InDesign workspace since the CS version. History’s undo capabilities are not limited to current work session and changes can be undone years after they were made. History is also a popular tool for version management. The ability to keep all document versions within one file saves storage space and bandwidth and it also prevents embarrassing searching for the right files during a presentation.

Over the years History has found its way into many users’ workflows and became an indispensable tool. Some users even claim they are addicted to it. We will not take advantage of this fact and, as always, we offer this upgrade free of charge.

New Features

  • Alt +double click opens the versions in a new document.
  • History was integrated into the new DTP Tools system with easier activations and update management.

Key features

  • Panel listing changes made to the document.
  • The ability to save multiple versions in one document which saves time and storage space.
  • Versions can be saved automatically providing user with an undo beyond current session.
  • Selected versions can be saved as separate files, or exported in batch.
  • Document with multiple versions can be safely edited without the plug-in.

Pricing and Availability
History, for both InDesign and InCopy versions CS, CS2 and CS3 is available on both Windows and Macintosh OS X. A single license price is 39 USD and is available for instant purchase. A 14-day trial version of History is available for download at or at the following direct download links:

Mac trial download: 3.5 MB
Windows trial download: 4.8 MB

"Installing History for InDesign is one action you will never want to undo."

About DTP Tools
DTP Tools has been facilitating work with InDesign for past four years. Our solutions help InDesigners to fight overset text, organize layers, create automatic cross-references, have multiple page sizes within the document, open FrameMaker documents, see through panels and more.