Halloween at the Photo Plus Expo

If you’re a photographer, the PhotoPlus Expo show in New York City is the place to be this Halloween. As a person roaming the floor all day doing interviews, I overhear dozens of conversations of people sharing tips about what worked for them on this shoot and what didn’t on that one. What strikes me is how open the people in this industry are to sharing and learning. From the very top-level pros to the hobbyists, everyone is willing to help solve a problem or answer a question. It’s what makes this “network” of people a “community” instead of competition. At booths and on stages all over the expo floor, including ours at the Kelby One booth, top notch professionals are not just giving some canned presentation, they are really sharing their passion for what they do. And they recognize that same passion on the faces of those in the audience.


I often get a front row seat to see the “aha!” moment when people see how something as simple as turning a subject around or adjusting your camera angle can completely change the look and feel of an image. You can see the creative wheels turning in the heads of those watching. I see people leave their seats at the Canon stage after watching an amazing pro like Gregory Heisler, and there’s a determined look in their eyes. That look is inspiration taking root. They just heard something that will drive them to go home and create in a fresh new way. Something clicked while they sat in the audience and now they can’t wait to start shooting.


Pretty much anything you want to know about gear related to photography can be uncovered here. From something as complex as a multi-copter from DJI to a simple Expo disk or diffuser from Expo Imaging, you can find a vendor here ready to explain how it works.


There is something to be said for just being here, taking it all in. There are smiles on nearly every face and people seem to be genuinely enjoying the atmosphere. I know I am.


Since it’s Halloween, let me leave you with a few shots of the ghoulish spirit at PPE.


IMG_4991 IMG_5003