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Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator

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Working with Graphic Styles in Illustrator is similar to working with layer styles in Photoshop. Corey explores some of things you can do with Illustrator’s graphic styles.


  • luke says:

    yay corey barker luv ur tuts man ;D

  • diane58 says:

    Thank you for a wonderful short cut and more reasons to play with the settings and listen to more of you videos.

  • Vanderhellen says:

    Nice. CS3 or CS4?

  • manuelcop says:

    Very very Good



  • Sean says:

    Why can’t I watch any of these videos in Safari browser? It’s a brand new Macbook Pro, with the latest updated everything. I wind up having to use Firefox to view your videos (even though I can use Safari to view flash videos on every other site I go to!) There’s gotta be something messed up in your encoding…

  • Anoop says:

    Very Very Cool

  • Gary Spedding says:

    Corey, Again very cool stuff. Also nice to make it Extruded (3D) but I am having that grey-box effect around the central word. What tricks are there to render as 3D without that annoying outside box? Otherwise it can be saved as a Graphic style. Please revisit this if there are some ways to extend this to a neat clean 3D graphic style.

  • Gary Spedding says:

    One way to avoid the box is to avoid using the drop shadow but the words are still not all perfectly shaded/colored – so some odd things go on with 3D’ing this. If these little annoyances could be allieviated this would be great for creating reproducible 3D logos and flourishes etc., for artwork.

  • Sudhir Kumar says:

    Gud use of appreance and a shadow effect in this section.

  • Leo Nascimento says:

    you are the man!

  • shlomit says:

    i get:
    Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2036: Load Never Completed.

    and not only me
    i checked it also in another computer
    and not only in this tutorial.
    and cant see the flash tutorial.
    yesterday i could see
    please fix it

  • JAI says:

    hey cotey nice tutor1

  • JAI says:

    hey corey nice tutor

  • Carlos Rosillo says:

    Great Stuff!

    I love it!

    Thank you,
    Carlos Rosillo

  • prett says:

    this was quite simlify version of tutorial for a learner. Thnx , it was useful

  • Chavar says:

    That was excellent! So amazing.

  • rcraighead says:

    Why did you outline the text in the first place?

  • Mayank Sharma says:

    its very good tutorial

  • saher says:

    hi ..
    ive been around illustrator for a while and ive learned alot form u..
    Now, u mentioned and showed a particular styles library called the graphic styles>open graphic styles library> illuminate styles … did u compile this on ur own, or is it downloaded off somewhere.. if so, can i please have the link for it.
    Thanks again (smashing tutorial ) ^__^

  • Giulia says:

    What can I say? Thank you!!

  • Dimas Pulido R. says:

    Thanks friends.

  • Kim says:

    That was so awesome!! Thanks for that! 😀

  • Christina says:

    Wow! I never even knew Illustrator had that. I definetely will be playing around and trying come of these. Thank You!

  • thanks for the information about the Illustrator graphic styles, they are a powerful tool.. especially combined with the Illustrator appearance palette.

  • alex says:

    fantastic! 🙂 I like the way you talk. Very relax and to the point. Nice job man!