Glow HexaPop An Umbrella, Octabox Combo Built for Speed

Adorama recently introduced a line of useful and competitively priced light modifiers collectively known as Glow, part of their Flashpoint family of products. We'll take a look the Flashpoint Glow HexaPop, a cross between a hexagonal octabox and an umbrella, designed specifically for on-the-go, external flash users.

Available in both 20″ and 24″ models, the HexaPop is designed to work either on camera with a bracket and cable, or off with a light stand or stick. Owing to a unified, spring-loaded design, the HexaPop can be set up or torn down in seconds, requiring considerably less time and effort than traditional softboxes. The HexaPop's spring-loaded, two-button release mechanism pops when engaged, hence the "pop" in HexaPop. This, along with internal support rods attached to the HexaPop's fabric and built-in speedrings, enables it to be set up with the ease of an umbrella but have the superior quality and flexibility of an octabox.

Made from high-quality, durable fabric and lined with silver to provide a more directional, efficient, and specular source, the HexaPop has one layer of diffusion fabric with no internal baffle. For this reason, you may want to feather this modifier to avoid hotspots.

Additionally, with some flashes, you may want to rotate their heads 90° when mounting them to the HexaPop bracket. This will position the body of the flash sideways, permitting the line-of-sight, front-facing sensors to communicate properly with cameras and additional lights.

A carrying case and shoulder strap are included, making it easy to keep track of the HexaPop's multiple pieces.

Company: Adorama Camera, Inc.
Price: $129.95-159.95
Rating: 3.5
Hot: Lightweight; compact; durable fabric; rapid set up/tear down
Not: No internal baffle; bracket assembly's pieces easy to lose