Slide Show Creation Software

Creating slide shows from digital images isn't just for your desktop anymore. More often, we're seeing YouTube, promotional, and product demonstration videos in addition to portraiture presentations. The latest version of FotoMagico from Boinx Software is an easy and fun way for users of any experience level to create great slide shows with professional results.

When you launch the stand-alone software, you select the viewing device (monitor, television, or projector) and choose your photo folder or library content from your hard drive. From there, it's all dragging-and-dropping to your heart's content to create your timeline. The default content is, of course, from your iPhoto Library and Pictures folder, but you can drag folders of photos, videos, and audio into the sidebar. It saves time to have a project folder ready in advance with the content you wish to use.

With your images and videos in place, you can drag your background audio onto the timeline, as well. In the Options section, parameters can be set for automatic or on-click transitions that are Apple-esque, à la Keynote.

FotoMagico has output options presets for sharing your slide show via YouTube or Vimeo (with selectable quality settings), as well as viewing on several types of devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and DVD output. It would be helpful to have control over audio quality and format in the sharing modes, but that can be done in the QuickTime output mode as needed.

There's a lot to enjoy about FotoMagico 4.1 and you may find yourself experimenting in the beginning. There are so many improvements and updates from previous versions that make this product a great value and a lot of fun to use. For any level of user, the output quality is HD and the familiar, intuitive interface will save you time in the process.

Company: Boinx Software Ltd
Price: $99.99
Rating: 5
Hot:  Ease of use; output quality; performance speed; user options