Bokeh on Demand

We're going to Boca! Sorry, I couldn't resist the Florida joke. But seriously, we photographers love bokeh, the lens effect created by shooting with lenses at their wider apertures. Bokeh creates beautiful soft backgrounds, thus calling attention to a very shallow area of sharp focus in the foreground. However, what are photographers to do when they're unable to capture this effect in camera, when the light isn't right, when the wish for bokeh becomes an afterthought, or a missed opportunity? Enter Macphun Software's Focus 2 Pro.

Macphun Software, lead by Nik Software alumni, has created a suite of new pro and nonpro applications and apps offering something for everyone at very compelling prices. Through its simple and straightforward interface, Focus 2 Pro helps users expertly place and control background blur and foreground focus using a variety of customizable presets and intuitive tools. The pro version functions as a stand-alone application supporting RAW, TIFF, PSD, PNG, and JPEG file formats. Focus 2 Pro can also be used in conjunction with the other Macphun professional applications—Snapheal Pro, Intensify Pro, and FX Photo Studio Pro—or it can be used as a plug-in in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Aperture.

With five adjustment modules providing presets for controlling focus and blur for five of the most common types of subject matter—Portrait, Nature, Architecture, Macro, Tilt-Shift, and a Custom module—there's something for everyone. Within each preset module there's a host of customizable controls, as well, via sliders governing individual attributes.

Additional controls beyond focus and blur—including Vignette, Contrast, Highlights, Saturation, Brightness, Sharpen, Clarity, and Vividness—help round out Focus 2 Pro, making it a worthy and multifaceted addition to your imaging tool kit.

Company: Macphun Software
Price: $39
Rating: 5
Hot: Interface; intuitive, customizable controls; professional results