Finding Glyphs, Simplified

With thousands of Glyphs available in some OpenType fonts, finding exactly the one you need could be a time consuming task. In CS3, these’s been some major improvements to the Glyphs panel which make it a lot easier to find and insert the right Glyphs into your copy. The “Show” pop-up menu goes a long way in helping to solve this problem by allowing you to view a font by various preset categories. So, if you need to find the “Not Equal To” Glyph, choose the Math Symbols category from the Show pop-up menu, and only math symbol Glyphs will be shown in the palette. My favorite category is Recent Glyphs, because the chances of having to locate the same Glyph more than once are quite high. This category can be added to the top of the panel for permanent view by selecting Show Options from the panel’s option menu. All Recently Used Glyphs will be shown in this section until you quit the application.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.