EyeWonder Makes Macromedia Flash Professional 8 from Adobe Standard for Every Video Ad Campaign

The Internet’s Video Ad Pioneer and Leader is the First to Offer Agencies and Online Advertisers the Superior Video Quality and Creative Flexibility of Flash Professional 8 Across All Video Ad Campaigns Atlanta, GA — March 8, 2006 — EyeWonder, Inc., a leader in online video and rich media advertising solutions, today announced that it has made Macromedia® Flash® Professional 8 from Adobe standard for every client online video advertising campaign. The new features in Flash Professional 8, coupled with the new client runtime of Flash Player 8, provide superior video quality as well as a host of innovations that enable advertisers and agencies to push the creative envelope with even more compelling and effective ad campaigns. EyeWonder is pleased to announce as of February 1, 2006, all of its clients’ online video ad campaigns have featured Flash Player 8 video as the primary video driver. Users who have not yet upgraded to Flash Player 8 will dynamically receive EyeWonder’s Flash Player 7 video ads. “As part of EyeWonder’s commitment to always deliver the most effective video ad campaigns for advertisers and creative agencies everywhere, we are proud to be the first rich media vendor to standardize on Flash Professional 8 for every video ad campaign,” says David Breckling, CEO of EyeWonder. “Our continued adoption of Flash video means creative professionals can now take advantage of its superior video quality as well as entirely new interactive features and effects – all of which result in stronger brand engagement and brand interaction. As advertisers and agencies start moving beyond simply repurposing TV commercials online, EyeWonder is helping them create and deliver the most interactive and engaging experiences for consumers, which dramatically enhance ad effectiveness and overall online ad ROI.” EyeWonder’s inauguration of Flash video continues its record of video ad innovation paired with the favored creative ad formats of online advertisers and agencies around the world. EyeWonder’s own internal campaign numbers since February 1 show its video ads utilizing the new Flash Player 8 runtime are currently being received by over 50 percent of its online audiences (EyeWonder’s auto-detection automatically serves the remaining audiences the Flash Player 7 video version). Audiences’ rapid adoption of Flash video parallels that of creative agencies who are now using its enhancements to create even more impactful video ad campaigns. In addition to superior video quality, Flash video also features the unique ability to overlay transparent or semi-transparent video over other Flash content, and the ability to embed cue points directly into the video so that accompanying graphics and animations can be triggered dynamically during playback. “Flash video is driving the next-generation of ground-breaking ad creation and delivery of web video,” said Chris Hock, group manager at Adobe. “With 8-bit alpha channel and a new video codec in Flash Player 8, Flash video enables EyeWonder to set a new standard in online advertising with unmatched video quality, enhanced interactivity for better ad and brand engagement and a new model of creative branding opportunity and control.” EyeWonder video ad campaigns increase creative expression, message content, and video impact, which increases conversion opportunities and all brand metrics. A 2005 Dynamic Logic MarketNorms Study concluded that video ads actually triple the key brand metrics (brand awareness, ad awareness, message association, brand favorability, and purchase intent) compared to standard display ads. About EyeWonder EyeWonder, Inc. is a leading provider of rich media and online video advertising products and services. Since 1999, the company has been enabling advertisers and agencies to easily connect the most compelling and effective campaigns to their most desirable audiences. EyeWonder’s in-page, in-stream and mobile ad products can combine the quality and power of Flash video, the latest interactive features, and the most comprehensive online tracking and reporting capabilities to dramatically enhance the impact and effectiveness of any new media ad campaign. EyeWonder’s rich media experts support every campaign from creative consultation and development, to Q/A testing, trafficking, and reporting. EyeWonder services the world’s top agencies and advertisers, and its rich media and video ad products are accepted by hundreds of online publishers including Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. For more information, please visit