Creative Analog Film Emulator Photoshop Plug-In

Fans of Alien Skin products should be quite happy with this latest iteration of Exposure. Version 4 elevates this already popular plug-in to new heights with an improved user interface, better organization of the filters by type, some great new effects that include light leaks, and more presets.

As noted in the review of version 3 (Photoshop User, October/November 2010, p. 110), the opportunities for profitability in the world of the pro photographer are increased with the ability to offer seemingly aged or novelty-styled images. With version 4, Exposure allows the illusion of undoing photo restoration to create images that might work well in the movies, music videos, or magazine layouts that need to create a mood. A new favorite is the Wet Plate process emulation that looks fantastic. It makes newer photos seem like heirlooms that were found in an old cedar chest in the attic. On the other side, using Exposure 4 to correct digital images can help reduce saturation and produce a more lifelike image quality that doesn't scream "digital."

Exposure 4 includes all of the great film types and effects for scratches, aging, and so much more. From the inclusion of Kodachrome emulsions (beginning in 1936 to the most recent) to AGFA, Ilford, Fuji, Polaroid, and Technicolor, you may find yourself admiring the superfast previews. Your new look appears on its own layer, making for easy undos, and Exposure can also be used as a smart filter, making fine-tuning easy.

Given its $249 full-version price tag, Exposure was never considered cheap, but it's a bargain given how many creative opportunities it provides. If you're a young photographer searching for a retro effect, or an experienced photojournalist longing for the days of real emulsion and C-41/E-6 labs, then Exposure 4 may be exactly what you're looking for.

Company: Alien Skin Software, LLC
Price: $249 (Upgrade: $99)
Rating: 5
Hot: Excellent emulation of analog film; interface; output; performance