InDesign is the best layout application out there right now. Bar none! But is it perfect? No!
Sometimes you can run into problems that can really leave you scratching your head. I know one of these problems was discussed in great detail on the Layers Forum a while back – stubborn swatches that won’t delete from the Swatches palette. The best answer was to simply export the layout as a InDesign Interchange document (File > Export), choose InDesign Interchange (inx) as the Format and Save. Then open the Interchange document in InDesign CS2 and you can delete the pesky swatch with no problem. Easy!

I ran into an interesting problem with an 8½ X 11″ Quark layout for a book when I opened it in InDesign. The pages in the Quark layout had not been prepared properly by the artist, so I tried to correct it in InDesign. For some unexplained reason, my “fixes” made the height of the pasteboard humongous – over 48″ tall. Very strange! My first thought was to Export the layout to Interchange format and then open this “cleansed” layout in InDesign. Sure enough, it worked, the Pasteboard was back to normal. So whenever you run into an unexplained problem, give it a shot. Try Exporting the problem away.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.