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Embedding Video in Adobe Edge Animate

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Tom Green walks you through working with video in Edge Animate.


  • Arron says:

    This is great, I am looking forward to using this in my next edge animate project, thank you!

  • Paul says:

    How do you replay the video?

    Where’s the replay button? It doesn’t seem to be with the controls.

  • Jim says:

    Can I use the video on a loop with no play button? I have an animation that picks up right after the video stops. After the animation plays through the whole project loops back to play the video. I need to play this video t the beginning with no play buttons but automatically.

  • Anthony says:

    Edge animate video.
    This code works great for showing videos.
    However, is there a way to unload the video completely after it has been viewed. For example,
    I have 4 buttons that lead to individual topic areas.
    I click on button1. Button 1 reveals the dropspot that has the video, but when i hit my close button, it returns to my main navigation yet the video and sound is playing in the background.

    var vid = sym.$(“dropspot”);
    vid.html(‘<video width="712" height="440" src = "composition1.mp4" poster = "composition1/thumb.jpg" type = "video/mp4" controls="controls" ‘);

  • John says:

    I want the video to autoplay and have no controls showing. This is the first step on my Edge Animate composition. Your tutorial was very well done. However, I am able to get the audio to play, but not the video. I have tested in Firefox and Chrome and tried both OGV and MP4. I am at a loss at why I am not getting the video. Any clues?

  • Brandon says:

    What would we need to do differently if we wanted to embed a YouTube video?

  • Eugene says:

    Great video tutorial. Just one thing though. It appears the opening video tag is not closed properly. It’s missing the >.
    Thanks for posting this!

  • Kelly says:

    This just saved my project—glitch in Edge was failing to load video, this fixed it!!! Thank for posting!!