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Cutting Corners in InDesign CS5

Explore the new corner options that are available when designing with InDesign CS5.


  • chris farrell says:

    I’m fascinated by InDesign but also overwhelmed by the enormity of options and capabilites. If a potential employer needed an employee proficient with this software I couldn’t get the job today. Where can I find more exercises such as those in Chris Botello’s book that I’m using in class? I would like to get good at this. Your Humble Servant in Christ Jesus the Lord, ctf

  • Hi Chris,

    You’re right! InDesign has a LOT of features, so it does take some good training or an easy-to-follow book to really learn the application at a high level.

    I always suggest Sandee Cohen’s book, The QuickStart Guide for InDesign CS5. It explains all of the basic and lots of advanced features in a very simple way with lots of pictures. I used Sandee’s book seven years ago when I first started using InDesign.



    Adobe Certified Instructor, InDesign CS5

  • Travis Rutherford says:

    This is not a query directed specifically at your tutorial. Could you (or someone at Adobe) please tell me where I can get onlilne tutorials that are NOT on video. I have looked everywhere. Your tut says ‘Continue reading’ but it is not reading but watching. I have a slow link and limited broadband (in South Africa), so videos are just not an option.

    Thank you.


    • Nico says:

      Hi Travis,

      you probably missed it but some tutorials on this site are not videos, but step-by-step printable instructions with some illustration, if it’s what you’re looking for. You can also download videos from Youtube, 5 at a time (during the night for example) with some plug-ins, but most of them works with Firefox.

  • Manish Rai says:

    I am very fascinated about the indesign, and the more you learn more you need to , there is nothing to unlearn, you can always go to basics, i love your attempt of sharing your knowledge with us, thanks a lot keep posting.