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Custom Underlines in InDesign

Learn how to create and edit custom text options to give your text a different feel when underlined or highlighted.


  • diego says:


  • sathyan says:

    awesome!! thanx !!

  • JO says:

    What a great, easy way to highlight text! No more drawing boxes on top of my text.

  • steve says:

    how do you draw a line that is the width of the text box rather than the width of the word?

  • Loet says:

    Here’s my answer to you question, Steve. Choose Paragraph Rules (Alt-Command-J) to define an underlined text you want. The great thing is that you can make the stroke as long (or short) as you like!

  • Louise says:

    I was going nuts looking for the tool to open the Underline Options. ” Alt + the Underline tool in the control panel.” THANK YOU! Best tip of the day… I won’t forget about the Alt key to see more options again.. I’m using a PC with CS4.

  • Marianne Brocqueville says:

    I managed to highlight my text, but couldn’t create the new character style. when I click on my character styles panel under options there is no new character style option. What should I do?


  • FANTASTIC – this was perfect! saved me hours of time; you are the best. Working in a 150 – page document and underscoring in a different color to export as pdf and utilize the pdf links. Thanks so much.


  • Carla says:

    THANK YOU! Wondeful tutorial