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Custom Art Brush in Illustrator

Take a paper drawing of a stroke. Scan the paper and import the image into Illustrator. Turn that image into a custom brush.


  • Todd says:

    I don’t hear any audio.

  • Elia says:

    There is no audio in here guys =|

  • jon says:

    I don’t hear any audio… Weird.

  • Michael says:

    No sound on this video. Maybe its the wrong version?

  • stan the man says:

    hallelujah!!!!! They fixed the audio!!!!!!

  • Al Lemieux says:

    Wouldn’t changing the blend mode to Multiply wipe out the white background anyway? Isn’t that an unnecessary step?

  • stan the man says:

    Why did he go the long route in deleting the white areas surrounding the charcol object? He could have just chose Tracing Options under Live trace and check the “Ignore White checkbox”

  • pete says:

    No I think his intention was to use Multiply to darken up the Art Brush a bit. Yes, it would also get rid of the white

  • Photo101 says:

    He could have just chosen the Ignore White Checkbox under the Live Trace Tracing Options. That would have been a lot faster

  • Howard says:

    No, you need to remove the white background. Just check the “Ignore white” in the Tracing Options. This is a faster than selecting the white and choosing Select > Same then deleting.

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi Al,

    You’re absolutely right! Multiply would get rid of the white background anyway without deleting it.

    I only mentioned deleting the white background for instances when the Brush does not use Multiply.

    Thanks for bringing this up.


  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi All,

    OK. There’s seems to be a lot of controversy about about deleting the white background. If you use, Multiply, it is not necessary to delete the white. White will have no effect on the objects beneath it. And even the lightest grays WILL slightly darken all that is beneath them. Perfect for making my “grease pencil” Brush.

    Oh and you can also use ignore white in the Live Trace Options (Object>Live Trace>Tracing Options). In this particular case, it would NOT have worked anywhere near as well as applying the Multiply Mode. Why? The art had a lot of light grays in, which would NOT have been ignored. These grays would have remained gray on top on the red. The result is not very attractive!



  • Anita Yadav says:

    Hey its nice to clarify all the controversy related deleting white and using Live Tracing option,


  • Anita Yadav says:

    can i save this video? please tell me how

  • Alfred says:

    Thank you Jeff. Not only do you give us tips on how to create new art brushes, but you explain some of options and how to use them properly.

  • Frank says:

    Very helpful! I can use my Pitt Pens now when I ink in Illustrator.